[Tweeters] How to do a Costa Birding Trip

Steve Krival stevekrival at live.com
Sat Jan 2 15:19:31 PST 2016

Fellow Intrepid Birders!

I would like to bird Costa Rica. I've been doing some reading about nature
travel there and am looking for advice from birders who have travelled
there. What I've read indicates the following: there are 4 major ecological
regions, about 6 separate geographical areas, and abundance of wildlife
diversity. So, question 1: What have been the approaches of birders for
taking in birdlife in Costa Rica; did you concentrate on one or two areas,
or try to sample all eco-regions? Travel in Costa Rica presents financial
and navigational challenges. Vehicle rentals seem to range from $ 50-$ 300
per day, and gas ranges between $ 5.00 and $ 6.00 per gallon. This suggests
that the most economical way to traveling would be to plan a trip with other
birders, or locate perhaps locate local bird guides. Question 2: How did you
travel to make the trip both relatively economical without getting lost?
Question 3: What times of year is/are optimal for birding. March appears to
be a good month for avoiding getting rained on everywhere where you go, and
many species seem to breed in March. Ideas?

stevekrival at live.com

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