[Tweeters] Northern Hawk Owl continues and Great Gray Owls in Okanogan Co.

Khanh Tran khanhbatran at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 2 21:30:39 PST 2016

Hi Tweets: 

The Magical Okanogan delivers again.  Similar weather conditions as yesterday and the birding continues to be very slow for passerines.  We had a terrific day in terms of seeing many species of owls and was pleasantly surprised to see two, Great Gray Owls in two different locations in the Okanogan Highlands. We got to see one plunged into the snow but it came up empty! Such amazing birds and I am still buzzing from excitement!

We also birded the Waterville Plateau for a bit and as usual, it was socked in with heavy fog! We couldn't see more than 100 yards away. There were no Sharp tailed Grouse along Bridgeport Hill Rd and didn't have time tocheck along Scotch Creek near Conconully. 

Here are today's highlights: 

Northern Hawk Owl -continuing bird along Hwy 97 on Cassimer Bar. Seen around 11 am eating prey. 
Great Gray Owls- two magnificent birds in expected habitat near Chesaw within an hour apart 
Short-eared Owl-near Havillah and Chesaw Rd very cooperative on fence post
Northern Saw-Whet Owl-Bridgeport State Park
Northern Pygmy Owl-near Sitzmark 
Great-horned Owl-along Havillah Rd near Sno-Park
Rock Wren-Bridgeport State Park 
Bohemian Waxwings-100 plus birds feeding at eye level near Omak City Park
Common Redpolls-Mary Ann Creek Rd and near Sno-Park
Pine Grosbeaks-two large flocks of 12-14 birds Mary Ann Creek and Chesaw Rd
White winged Crossbills- heard only along Bolster Rd-lots of good cones along here!
Snow Buntings-along Hwy 172 and H NE (Douglas Co) 
Gray-crowned Rosy-finches-along Hwy 172 and H NE (Douglas Co)
Lapland Longspurs-great looks of a couple of birds along Hwy 172 and H NE (Douglas Co) 

Happy New Year and good birding, 

Khanh Tran 


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