[Tweeters] Wilson's snipes at Pitship

stan willey steamboatwilleys at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 2 23:12:12 PST 2016

I drove from Poulsbo to Sequim to see a friend, and made a couple of stops on the way.  To us, the most notable sighting was two Wilson's snipes working the mud at Pitship Point Pocket Lagoon, near John Wayne Marina on Sequim Bay.  There were many Mallards and American Wigeons, and four Hooded Mergansers.  Also a Belted Kingfisher, and a few gulls stopped by to see if they could cadge a snack.  A first-winter Herring gull was persistant, but to no avail.  At the small tidelands park near the repurposed train just west of the south end of Discovery Bay we had three very energetic Ruby-crowned Kinglets working the grasses in the afternoon sun.BTW, my first bird of 2016 must have been the Glaucous-winged gull that hangs out on the piling behind my boat.
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