[Tweeters] If you love raptors, go to Ridgefield S Unit

Mary Reese uuspirit at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 2 16:36:45 PST 2016

Beautiful day at Ridgefield yesterday, with many people taking advantage of the holiday & clear weather.  No wind until afternoon.  Most action is at the lake, because all other areas are iced over.  Eagles everywhere, harriers, RT hawks, and hundreds of Tundra Swans.  Wilson's warbler at the entrance to the blind trail.  Bring your camera to take movies of geese & coots gingerly walking across the ice.  Egrets & herons were all out on the grass.  Nutrias didn't want to go onto the ice either and were walking around all over the place and sunning themselves on the banks.    Mary M. Reese                   uuspirit at yahoo.com   503-929-7788       

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