[Tweeters] Request for reports of tagged hawk in Anacortes (or elsewhere)

Kristi Hein khc at picturesandwords.com
Sun Jan 3 12:41:22 PST 2016

Hello Tweeters,

On our CBC in Anacortes yesterday we spotted a Red-tailed Hawk with a
blue patagial tagon its right shoulder. It was near the 34th Street
access to the Thompson Trail, perched high in a tree. (Near where we saw
the Common Redpolls.)

The tag IDs it as one of the raptors that Bud Anderson and his Falcon
Research Grouphave relocated from the Sea-Tac airport. Unfortunately, we
couldn't get close enough or a better angle to see the characters on the
tag to ID the individual. With the right angle and proximity, these are
easy to read. I have been able to ID several other birds in Anacortes
for the program.

If you see this or another tagged raptor, please contact Bud at (360)
757-1911 or falconresearch at gmail.com

They appreciate reports with as much data as possible. Here's a related
Bird Note: <http://birdnote.org/show/red-tails-and-airports> Some
program stats are near the end of this newsletter:

Kristi Hein

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