[Tweeters] Vashon Red-shouldered Hawk

Ed Swan Edswan2 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 3 20:11:13 PST 2016

On the Vashon CBC today Jean Olson and I were killing some time until the
end of the day round up and went to the Matsuda Farm to make sure it got
enough view time. We weren't sure that kestrels were seen on the count yet
during the day (it turned out they were be several parties) and the Matsuda
place has a very cooperative female kestrel.

As we drove in Jean noticed a large raptor fly up from the field. My first
reaction was to say probably Red-tail until Jean noticed the white pips on
either wing and we both noticed the different shape. As soon as it landed
in an alder and faced us, a scope view showed a nice Red-shouldered Hawk. I
think Jean will be putting a photo on ebird.

This sighting gave a great end to the day: a life bird for Jean, a state
bird for me and a first sighting of the species for Vashon Island. I've
been thinking this bird would show up on Vashon sometime and it was nice to
be part of adding it to the Island list.

Ed Swan

Nature writer and guide

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