[Tweeters] Northern Hawk Owl Cassimer Bar yes, plus more

Kevin Black kevblack787 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 22:09:45 PST 2016

Hello All,

Had an awesome day in Okanogan and Douglas Counties today (1/3). Highlights below:

NORTHERN HAWK OWL on Cassimer Bar rd. Not easy to spot it was behind an abandoned house between two private residents on the south side of the on a dead tree. Perched low and easily missed if not viewing from the right angle.

SNOWY OWL juvenile bird near Mansfield. Same one that Meredith Spencer reported on New Year's Day. My wife and I ran into Meredith Spencer while observing the bird!

SHARP-TAILED GROUSE 8 (LIFER) munching on the trees on Scotch Creek just north of intersection of 97 and Salmon Creek.

NORTHERN GOSHAWK-1 juvenile Conconully rd

White- winged crossbills conconully

Golden Eagle-3 two on conconully rd and one on hwy 97

Gray Partridge 25 off of Conconully rd

What a great day! Happy New Years and hope everyone has a blessed year that continues to bring new rare birds!

Good Birding,

Kevin Black
In Othello for the night.

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