[Tweeters] Portland Audubon statement regarding Malheur occupation by terrorists

Gary Smith gsmith at smithandstark.com
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Can we stop already with such politically-loaded terms? Some ranchers make a political protest, however misguided, and now they’re “terrorists?” We can argue somewhere else at what point such overuse of a term strips the term of any meaning, but we shouldn’t subject the Tweeters list to such loaded rhetoric.

Gary T. Smith


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hello everyone,

this important statement has been published by the Portland Audubon Society. It does something that no one in the media has so far done: it reminds the public of the historic reasons for the establishment of Malheur and other national wildlife refuges, and states how the terrorists' stated objectives are at odds with decades of collaboration and work by vast numbers of people across communities:


I, for one, am grateful that Portland Audubon has decisively stepped forward with such an informative statement, and has shifted some of the focus away from a self-proclaimed gang of "patriots" and back onto the birds, the wildlife, and the environment that is protected by the national park and refuge system for future generations to experience and enjoy.


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