[Tweeters] RE: Portland Audubon statement regarding Malheur occupation by terrorists

Art Wang artnancy at harbornet.com
Tue Jan 5 11:46:55 PST 2016

Tahoma Audubon Society, as well as many other chapters in Washington and
Oregon, has joined the Audubon Society of Portland's statement on the
occupation of Malheur NWR. Whether or not we call the militia occupiers
terrorists, we should recognize that this is an historic National Wildlife
Refuge of enormous importance in the Pacific Flyway and that it is a vital
resource serving the public.

Here again is the link to the Audubon Society of Portland statement:

Here is a link to an Audubon Magazine article from 2006 about historic
conflicts between the federal government and ranchers over grazing on public
lands: http://archive.audubonmagazine.org/incite/incite0603.html

Art Wang

President, Tahoma Audubon Society

Regional Director, National Audubon Society

Tacoma, WA

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