[Tweeters] Starling Mimicry

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Starlings seem especially adept at 2 or three note, relatively simple calls. They sometimes do a good copy of California Quail in my yard. When I lived in Seattle, it was disconcerting to hear "wigeons" calling from their perches on the utility wires.

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> Michael,


> I’ve been fooled by those guys, I’m embarrassed to say. Unless there was a Bald Eagle flying over our rental house at the same altitude and location every single time we happened to be over there, it must have been the starlings who roost in the nearby tree.


> Good birding,

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> Hey,


> I recently heard what I think was a Starling mimicking a Bald Eagle. I did not actually see the Starling, and there was an eagle in the vicinity. I heard the call, and first thought BAEA. But then I realized it sounded "off." It had that Starling quality to it. Am I crazy, or is this possible?


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