[Tweeters] Costa Rica Birding-Responses

Steve Krival stevekrival at live.com
Tue Jan 5 18:57:49 PST 2016

Hello again intrepid tweeter birders!

I received about a ten responses to my post of a few days ago asking for
advice on how to bird Costa Rica. I would like to thank everyone who
responded. They were all helpful. More than one of you sent me emails
demonstrating an interest in the responses I would be receiving, and since I
did get both interesting and helpful information I was wondering if there
are Tweeters readers who would like me to post a summary of what I learned.
If there are, please just indicate so either in a Tweeters post or an email
to me: stevekrival at live.com. I should add that more than one of the emails I
received described Costa Rican wildlife vacations so colorfully that I
thought of just inviting myself along the emailer's next vacation! I cannot
say that any post I send summarizing those emails will be able to capture
the essence of the Costa Rican experience as was described by the authors,
but it might have some practical assistance to some.

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