[Tweeters] Intrepid Birders Dreaming of a COSTA RICA trip.

Steve Krival stevekrival at live.com
Wed Jan 6 18:39:17 PST 2016

I've received 30 to 40 emails encouraging me to write and post a summary of
the emails I have received about birding in Costa Rica. So, there is no need
to continue to send me emails asking me to do this. Doing so will force me
to organize my own plans. Those of you who have birded Costa Rica and have
advice to share may either continue to email me or simply post your advice
on Tweeters. I started to write things up today, and based on what I've
written so far I think I will break-up the summary into 2 or 3 different
posts under this same heading. Unless something interferes with my progress,
I suspect that all posts will be up within a fortnight. I should add that
one birder mentioned that he was involved in trying to book a trip this
February (next month) and was running up against the reality that the hotels
he wanted to book were already full up. This doesn't bode too well for my
plans to travel in March. So, for anyone interested in going in the next
couple of months it is my own recommendation that you make some inquiries
regarding room availability. I surmise that a benefit of booking a birding
or wildlife tour is that rooms and travel are taken care of for you.


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