[Tweeters] American Tree Sparrow yes!

kayliningalls at gmail.com kayliningalls at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 15:18:52 PST 2016

Hey Tweeters!
I just left Kent, where we were successful!!!
We found the American Tree Sparrow with the Junco flock near the end of the horse pasture on 204th! There was no Black Phoebe, which was not too surprising. What was surprising was 2 Eurasian Wigeons in the far left pond off of 204th! There were also lots of other Ducks, Pintails, Wigeons and Green-winged Teals were all present in numbers! A Northern Harrier came flying by, spooking the Junco flock and the huge Starling flock in the horse pasture! Other raptors were a pair of Bald Eagles and a Red-tailed.
We checked the GRNRA ponds for bittern, and didn't luck out. More ducks were present though. And at Boeing Pond we found a Green Heron! Plus there were some Ruddy ducks!!!!
A really fun outing ending in a great bird!

Good birding
-kaylin Ingalls
Kirkland WA

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