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Above is link to the most truthful article I’ve found on the situation and background to the Malhuer NWR debacle.

I’ve been close to folks in Harney County for the last three years while photographing the wild Kiger Mustangs as well as birds around the area. I have talked with ranchers and I have friends in the BLM, so I have heard about the issues from both sides.

The mindset and culture in Harney County's rural population is primarily to not respect any law or regulation you don’t agree with. This is inherited from 'back in the day' when law enforcement was a day’s ride away and arguments were settled with six-shooters - which have now been replaced with AK-47 assault rifles. Disregard for environmental regulations, wildlife preservation and fences that curtail cattle grazing runs rampant around the refuge and in most of eastern Oregon. Last time I was at the refuge last September, there were cattle grazing around the headquarters buildings and about fifty cows being illegally driven across refuge property using a short-cut to reach a new pasture. The cows, not the wildlife, are sacred.

Hopefully the misguided headline seekers who have invaded the refuge will freeze out before any damage is done or anyone is hurt.

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