[Tweeters] Siberian Accentor......YES!

Nathaniel Peters ncpeters at uw.edu
Sat Jan 9 17:56:41 PST 2016

Howdy Tweets,

The Siberian Accentor in Surrey was reasonably cooperative this morning,
showing up every 30-45 minutes for fleeting glimpses from 9AM-12PM, when I
left. It was seen on both sides of the abandoned farmhouse, in front of
the abandoned yellow van, around the pink plastic tubs, and briefly on the
roof by the chimney. It didn't hurt to have 50+ pairs of eyes looking for
it from nearly every accessible angle, and I think everyone eventually got
a look. What a handsome bird!

The facial pattern is unmistakable (black crown, black cheek, tawny body
and supercilium, and very pink legs and feet, the last mark helped pick it
out of the dense brush when all that one could see was movement). Think
body of a slender sparrow with bill of a warbler.

For those chasing this fantastic bird, keep an eye out for when the other
birds (juncos, white-crowned, golden-crowned, song, etc. sparrows) move in,
and just keep looking and moving around. Don't expect it to stay in one
spot for more than 10 seconds.

Siberian Accentor. What a name! I feel like Accentor would be a great
name for the next model of Lamborghini....

May the* F*lu*OR*escen*CE* be with you!
Nathaniel Peters
Keck Microscopy Center Manager
University of Washington
ncpeters at uw.edu
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