[Tweeters] Hawk Owl Horror?!?

Chris McNally mcpoodle2 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 9 21:23:27 PST 2016

My wife and I saw the owl on the left side of the tall tree past the yellow house around 1pm. We drove past to the end of the road to turn around because there was a white truck pulling a trailer to the house at the end of the road. We stopped along the side of the road and observed the owl along with another couple that had pulled up in a car (dark blue Prius??). We headed out because the white truck was coming back down the road with the trailer and we waved to another couple the appeared to be looking for the owl as we passed the house. We went into Brewster for about 30 min and went back to see if the owl was still in the tree. We drove slowly by the tree, turned around, stopped by the tree it was in earlier, but did not re-locate the bird. Someone from the house stood on the upper deck and watched us, but we did not see any signs about no pictures nor did we see anything hang from a tree. We may have been there at the same time Sandy Schevren was there.

I truly hope the homeowner did not kill the owl, but if he did he needs to be prosecuted.

Chris McNally

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