[Tweeters] Siberian accentor today

Mary Saylor birder at pottersaylor.com
Sun Jan 10 21:25:20 PST 2016

Saw the Surrey B.C. accentor this afternoon at the location given by Stefan Schlick (49.097899, -122.778919). Between 2 and 4 it popped up several times, all in the same location, the furthest back tall shrub in a hedgerow on the left side of the path behind the abandoned house (closer than the white pole which is maybe a windmill). Definitely a scope view. It was associating with a flock of juncos. Only once did it stay up for a couple of minutes, long enough for most everyone to get on it. It was a happy crew of birders after that.

There was a Bewick’s wren inside the house, visible at the front window— hope it can get back out?

Mary Saylor

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