[Tweeters] Hawk Owl

JoAnn Andrews barnowl635 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 11 14:21:56 PST 2016

What is the possibility of the Owl dyeing of natural causes or perhaps exhaustion and starvation Most reports seemed to locate the Owl in the same tree on days it was seen. What are the chances of a healthy Owl sitting on the same branch of the same tree every day for our viewing pleasure. That perhaps the farmer shot at something else or attempted to scare it out of the tree to get rid of the birders and the near dead Owl simply fell over already dead. How far from it's normal habitat is this Owl?

We are so quick to blame and not be responsible adults when asked not to do something, i.e.: trespass, take pictures Life isn't black and white it is many shades of gray and how long after you've taken the picture of a rare bird will you even remember where you stored it on your computer. This time what you will remember is the story you make up about that bird, that got away without your picture.

JoAnn Andrews


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