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Mon Jan 11 18:55:37 PST 2016

Dear Birders,

One of the great things about the American justice system is that one is innocent until proven guilty. This fundamental right seems easily forgotten as, more and more, we, the public, tend to convict through the media (including the internet), especially when a suspect is poor or a racial minority.

A northern hawk owl, a species that we all love to see, is dead. It’s emotional for us, as it is each time one of these birds is killed by a vehicle collision, their usual demise in winter vagrancy. The cause of the demise of this year’s bird has been the source of speculation on this listserv since Saturday. We have arranged for an investigation by the appropriate authorities. The best way for the investigation to take place would be for us all to step back, take a deep breath, and allow the professionals to proceed.


Kim Marie Thorburn, MD, MPH

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Hi Tweets - King 5 will be airing an article on the Hawk-owl incident at 5:30 pm this evening for those interested. Paul Bannick will be featured, and I may say something. Thanks to SAS for lending the conference room at The Nature Shop for the interviews. USFWS and WDFW are on the case, and the Colville Tribe FWS has also been notified. - Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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