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Hi, everyone. Thanks to all the folks who responded with their
recommendations about this. A few people asked for a summary, so here you

Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser
whitney.n.k at gmail.com

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Close Instrument Repair

Tool repair shop

2316 4th Ave

Seattle, 98121


Open 9 to 11 a.m., Monday to Saturday (these are the hours Mr. Close told
me when I called this evening to confirm he could look at my binoculars)

“Years ago, I had a pair or roof prism bins with out of whack collimation
repaired by Close Instrument Repair in Belltown. Repair was effective and

“He was great. More interested in doing the job right than how much money
he can get out of you.”

“I would definitely recommend Close Scientific Instruments (or Close
Instrument Repair? they may have changed their name). They've been around
for a long time, and really know their stuff. That said, I've had the best
results by sending my optics to the manufacturers for repair. I've done
this with both Zeiss and Swarovski, and been very happy with the outcomes.”

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Captain's Nautical Supplies
1120 NW Ballard Way
Across the street from Maritime Pacific Brewery-Ballard

Seattle, WA 98107

Store Hours: 8AM to 5:30PM weekdays, 9AM to 5PM Saturdays, 10AM to 5PM
Sundays, Phone 206-283-7242

sales at captainsnautical.com


“Several years ago I had a scope and binoculars cleaned at Captains
Nautical Supply. They did a great job. I would highly recommend them.

“I'd suggest Captain's Nautical Supplies for binocular repairs in Seattle.”

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Camera Clinic

165th St NE and 5th Ave

“You could call and ask this guy if he does binocs. I don't know for sure. He
has solved several complicated problems with my digital single lens reflex
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