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On December 27 last year we FINALLY spied some Sharp Tailed Grouse in the trees along Scotch Creek just before Happy Hill Road.  Lots of snow and I pulled off the road to the shoulder to be out of the way (although there was very little traffic).  Unfortunately what appeared to be solid shoulder turned out to be a drainage pipe and as soon as we went a little further - there was only ditch and no longer the support of the pipe.  In we went.  Having our priorities right and focused we left the car and got good looks at the grouse and then returned to "get out".  I have 4WD and winter tires but it was in too deep.
Within a few minutes a car stopped next to us and a very nice lady tried to help - joining me in the push effort- no go.  Another few minutes and another stop - two gentlemen in a pickup.  The son was probably 55 and the father close to 80.  More pushing - almost out but - in too deep.  Then another pickup.  This fellow had a shovel and we all took turns digging - and then pushing and we finally got out. Unfortunately the battery on the first pick up had died so the next project was a jump start - fortunately we had cables and it was successful.
I thanked everyone profusely and asked if I could buy a round (or contribute for a round) at a favorite tavern.  This was rejected ... "Out here we all help each other."
A while later - another group of grouse further along.  We pulled to the far side of the road without going onto the shoulder - although with so much snow - not such an easy calculus.  We did not leave the car.  A pick up came by from the opposite direction - plenty of room for it to come by.  I waved and made it clear we had no troubles and he should come on by - again plenty of room and easily done.  He waved back.  Then a few moments later another pickup - shiny new and the driver was the youngest of the morning's travelers - maybe 35.  Same approach - waved and waved him buy.  He slowed, rolled down the window and cursed us unrelievedly - idiots from the west side - don't know how to drive - what's wrong with you - and noting our wildlife license plate - added a number of "f bombs" and single finger salutes with comments about leaving the country to people who live there.
Most folks are fine people.  Not all of them.

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Thanks, Scott.

Kendrick and I frequently bird east of the Cascades. We have encountered many landowners and ranchers who are not only friendly, but even tell us about specific birds we might want to check out.

There is one man who remembers us from year to year, has given us apples from his orchard, and invites us to bird on his property. He also warns us about inclement weather, often saying something like, “I just want you two to be okay.”

There are all types out there, and most are good folks, in my experience.

Good birding to all,
isadora wong
seattle, wa
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