[Tweeters] Sweeping generalities of "cattle country"

Mike Clarke transvolcanic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 13:30:33 PST 2016

Maybe I am naive, but I think we can applaud those who manage land for
wildlife AND those who try to have less of an impact by doing things like
riding a bike and being vegetarian. Does it have to be either/or?

Mike Clarke

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 7:16 AM, Doug Schonewald <dschone8 at donobi.net>

> Thanks Scott


> There is always going to be biased people on both sides of the fence. I

> recall a farmer near Othello who was presented with an environmental honor

> for his tireless efforts to improve habitat and enhance wildlife on his

> properties. Not only was he commended on his own efforts (at his own

> expense I might add) but environmentalists were so impressed with his

> efforts that he was awarded some kind of grant to continue his work to

> further improve habitats on his properties. It is an impressive body of

> work. Of course he really could have made a difference by riding a bicycle,

> driving a Prius, or becoming a vegetarian.


> This kind of behavior is EXACTLY the reason I left organized birding for

> good. I still bird regularly, but, with the exception of a few close

> associates and birding friends, I wouldn't report a Rustic Bunting if it

> was bouncing around my backyard all winter, especially to Tweeters. The

> "Holier Than Thou" attitudes and other BS that will come with such a report

> is not worth it.


> Cheers


> Doug



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> A brief note that sweeping generalities of areas mentioned in emails such

> as "hostile to wildlife in cattle country" is not only partially inaccurate

> but it hurts the relationships that we should all try to build.


> Land use policies are often at odds between environmentalists and

> ranchers, but I've seen many ranchers actively feed birds, report unusual

> birds they've had on their land, hardly hostile to all wildlife.

> There are individuals that are hostile to birds and wildlife throughout

> the state. These sweeping generalities reinforce the divide of east vs west

> in the state that some groups try to promote. We should try to encourage

> any love of wildlife rather than blindly casting these negative

> generalities.


> Scott Downes

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