[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2016-01-14

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Tweets – We had a really nice morning at Marymoor today. Above freezing to start, and warming in the sunshine under clear skies with no wind. It was birdy on-and-off, though there were also surprisingly long stretches with not too much. And much of the birdiness involved only a few species seen in large numbers.


9 species of duck Including a few Greater Scaup
Horned Grebe At least 1 on lake
Western Grebe 3 on lake
GREEN HERON Juvenile along near shore of slough
Virginia Rail Heard from bend in boardwalk
Killdeer Matt heard one pre-dawn
Western Gull 1 white-headed, dark backed, black wing-tipped, pink-legged
Northern Shrike Juvenile again north of fields 7-8-9
Bushtit Many sightings. Often high in cottonwoods
Y.-rumped Warbler 3 times had single birds
Pine Siskin Single bird in an alder. Where are his friends?

The NORTHERN SHRIKE is frequently seen in the area north of fields 7-8-9. Today’s views were somewhat typical though. We saw the bird from the Viewing Mound, where we watched it fly from a tree to a bush to a soccer goalpost to another goalpost and then disappear. When we walked over that way, no shrike to be seen. Last week we walked past that area, and I finally played shrike calls. A couple of minutes later, when we’d walked on towards the Pea Patch, someone spotted it perched up back behind us in its usual spot. So this bird likes to hunker down a lot, but seems to stay in the same location. Some day it might even give someone a good look, but it seems shy.

For the day, 57 species (same as last week). For the year, 64 species.

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