[Tweeters] The firestorm over "cattle country"

Jason Hernandez jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 14 21:24:37 PST 2016

I will say first of all that I was taken completely by surprise by the reactions to my comments about cattle country. I never expected the conversation to go in that direction. By way of explanation, I offer these questions, which you can take as rhetorical or not, as you wish.

Why is it that the Gray Wolf was extirpated from 26 of the 34 States where they once lived?

Why is it that Western States where the Gray Wolf has begun to recover are pushing so hard to get it delisted before the populations are viable?

Why is it that States like the Dakotas are increasing their Cougar hunting quotas above sustainable levels, even though the data exist?

Why is it that there have been proposals to shoot Bison and Elk who set foot outside Yellowstone National Park?

I challenge anyone who has researched these issues to explain to me how all this adds up to something other than a culture hostile to wildlife. In my naivete, I assumed that as birders, we were already aware of all this. One of my favorite authors, Edward Abbey -- who certainly has spent a lot more time out on the range than I have, and had a keen, observant eye, gave us this: "The rancher strings barbed wire across the range, drills wells and bulldozes stock ponds everywhere, drives off the elk and antelope and bighorn sheep, poisons coyotes and prairie dogs, shoots eagle and bear and cougar on sight, supplants the native bluestem and grama grass with tumbleweed, cow shit, cheat grass, snakeweed, anthills, poverty weed, mud and dust and flies - and then leans back and smiles broadly at the Tee Vee cameras and tells us how much he loves the West."

Jason Hernandez
jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com

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