[Tweeters] Changing the culture..

Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Thu Jan 14 21:33:03 PST 2016


Today was a great day out on Samish flats.. I've met many of you out there.. there are plenty of birds to be sure. Todays treat was a little Merlin that let us take all the photos of it we wanted.. also a very white Rough Legged.. white all the way down with speckles.. RoughLegged sure seem to be in abundance in that area.. along with all the Eagles feeding on Bison Placentas.

This brought me to this email.. there is one house in particular that EVERYONE seems to stop in front of.. me included at least 3 different days.. as the Eagles are 20 in a tree and more in their front yard too.. 30 plus and right near the road at that. People stop, get out, take photos.. all day while we were there.. why do I know that.. ? Yes, I was one of them.. park and walk people with camera.

Sooooo MY THOUGHT.. Why don't we start a good thing.. when we see a house being impacted.. do something positive.. as a "tweeter", we could really change our image and do good things.. it's easy on google earth to get an address..

6496 Bayview Edison Rd
Bow, WA 98232 There.. THIS is the house.. what if we.. everyone who has stopped there.. or WILL stop there.. or are just happy they don't care we stop there.. send a letter of thanks. If you want, a gift card.. heck anything.. just to say thanks. I personally will get a card of thanks off to this place pronto.. especially after seeing so many people, some not so nice, stopping there today. I think this would be helpful to say the least. IF we ALL decide to join forces and do something nice before people get pissed, this would be a good thing. We can go one step further and call it the "tweeter oath" that we as Tweeters, will never overstay our welcome, respect private property and when possible, always thank the locals.. buying food in town, being friendly.. what have you... JUST my idea.. I would not suggest leaving your name on any letters. I don't think that is what would help.. however, maybe a digital copy? An 8x10 of something you shot in their yard. Get this.. I was taking a photo of their mailbox for the address.. for this email, and a RTH was right under it.. I had no idea.. it landed on a low branch after I scared it, and I got some great photos.. unexpected for sure.. woohoo.. The Mailbox says 6496.. but google has it as 6486.. I would go with the Mailbox I think.. the 6486 shows nothing.. and further up. So.. what says you? Good idea? Each person when a place is significantly impacted.. could provide us with the address.. easy right? Sammy.. paying it forward? Pre-empt strike? Changing Culture? Just doing what is right? And Why Not?Arlington..

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