[Tweeters] Climatarian?

Michelle Maani lamoustique at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 15 12:08:23 PST 2016

Many years...decades...ago I was teaching in a California middle school. One of our students was a Cambodian refugee who had, at 9 years of age, escaped  Khmer Rouge forced labor in rice fields, through jungles, and to safety. He was adopted by an American family. When asked how he survived in the jungle, he said he observed what the monkeys were eating and ate what they did.Many people refused to eat like monkeys,he said,  and died of hunger.  We are now on the crux of the kind of change that will require us to change our eating habits, or die of hunger.  I'm talking about the consumption of meat.  The supporters of the occupation of Malheur are really thinking about what they are putting on their plate, they're not thinking about how eating meat affects the environment as a whole. Cows are not native animals, they destroy the native grasses and bushes. They cause ranchers to shoot predator species and competing wildlife. Cutting down trees to make room for cattle affects the watershed. Cattle ranching is also a major factor in greenhouse gas emissions.  As a birder I am aghast at what is taking place at the refuge and wish the government would rout out the invaders.  As a person deeply worried about the effects of climate change on birds and other wildlife. It's pointless to just worry without taking action.  I don't eat meat. I don't eat fish because the oceans are over-fished and I think animals need the fish more than humans do, since we can find other sources of food.  The killing of cormorants on the Columbia river is linked to human desire to eat fish, not because we care about salmon or other wildlife. If we were really concerned about salmon we would put a moratorium on human fishing. I recently saw the term "climatarian" to describe a person who eats based on what is better for the climate and the planet.  I think that's what I'm going to call myself.

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