[Tweeters] 710 a.m. Seattle Radio Show Advice to Bird Hunters

heidi narte heidi at dogwoodesign.net
Sat Jan 16 07:15:23 PST 2016

Hello Fellow Bird-Lovers,

I was very upset when I jumped in my car this morning to run some
errands to find my husband's sports radio station on with a man
discussing how geese and other waterfowl in an area were acting strange
and weren't coming out in the morning at the usual time so hunters could
shoot them. He mentioned they didn't show up to the area until noon. I
will be calling 710 ESPN Seattle to let them know as long as the show
"The Outdoor Line" is on and advising its listeners where and how to
kill birds it won't be on in our house or home. I'm also contact the

Heidi Narte
Burien, WA

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