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Here's the link I found for the free pdf to download for the hummingbird


I got there via this page from Cornell


Oh, joy, another hummingbird book!

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On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 6:22 PM, Georgia Conti <antep12 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Following David's note re hummingbird books, I'd like to recommend

> Hummingbirds of Mexico and North America/Colibres de Mexico y Noretamerica

> by Maria del Coro Arizmendi and Humberto Berlanga with illustrations by

> Marco Antonio Pineda. It was published in 2014 by CONABIO (Mexico's

> Comision Nacional Para El Conocimiento y Uso de La Biodiversidad). Each

> bird is illustrated on two pages in English and Spanish, and each has a

> distribution map for the bird's entire range. In addition to information

> about each species, the book includes information about natural history,

> feeding, reproduction, diversity patterns, migration, ecological

> importance, cultural significance, observing hummingbirds, artificial

> feeders, hummingbird gardens, hummingbird topography, and parts of the

> bird. 160 pages and a bit wider than a back pocket. I am not sure where

> someone north of the border can buy this book. I checked Buteo Books and

> Amazon without finding it. I believe Camino Silvestre in San Miguel de

> Allende has copies. If you are bird book poor like I am, you might

> consider attending the next International Hummingbird Festival in San

> Miguel de Allende fall 2016 where you can buy the book and have at least

> one or both of the authors autograph it. Or send a request to Humberto

> Berlanga Garcia at hberlangaATconabioDOTgobDOTmx. He speaks English.


> I know Sheri Williamson has been working hard to finish an updated version

> of the Peterson Guide of Hummingbirds of North America. I'm not sure when

> it's scheduled for release tho' it should be soon.


> One can never have too many bird books.......


> Georgia Conti


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