[Tweeters] Hawk Owl (and other moribund hawks)

Jon Houghton jon.houghton at hartcrowser.com
Sun Jan 17 18:43:31 PST 2016

Hi Tweets: Well a sad day for the local hawks, but, thanks to some inquiries from the Spokane Spokesman, it seems that the Colville tribal enforcement has recovered the Northern Hawk Owl carcass and sent It to a lab to assess cause of death. I'll be calling tomorrow to try and see what else is happening. The Spokesman article has a few inaccuracies (I never communicated with the AP in any way of which I'm aware!) but still shows progress: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2016/jan/16/after-attracting-birders-rare-hawk-owl-killed-near/ To assuage my injured senses after watching the nasty in NC, I took a walk to Water Street in Edmonds where I was treated to nice views of both Goldeneye, Horned Grebes and Bufflehead galore, and a single lovely Black Scoter. And, way out in the Sound, at least three orcas were cruising to the south - likely members of the Transient Group and looking for some lazy seals; maybe that's why there's been a juvenile harbor seal snoozing on the nice protected float adjacent to the walk out to the Edmonds fishing pier for the last week. Happy birding!

- Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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