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Sun Jan 17 23:31:27 PST 2016

I am not sure if this is acceptable on tweeters, but here goes anyway.

We are selling our home and 25.99 acres that is just above the hatchery on Soos Creek, about 6.5 freeway miles and 1.1 miles on Auburn-Black Diamond Rd east of I-5.

We have owned it for over 26 years and it is time to move on. About 1000 feet on Soos Creek. The house sits about 80 feet above the valley. We tore the old home down and built a new 2290 SF, energy efficient one 6 1/2 years ago.

In 1993 we put 25 acres into forest land and planted tree. This is not a legal subdivision, it is for tax purposes only. Taxes on the forest land are about $45 per year. Yes, per year.

We would love to sell it to someone who loves nature as much as we do and wants to keep it as it is. Not to a developer.

93 species of birds so far, and counting. I am the guy that had the magpie in his yard a couple of years ago during the fires in Eastern WA. Some of you came down here to see it.

It is on Zillow, but not on the market yet. You can see it on Google Earth, too. 13404 SE Aub-Blk Dia Rd, Auburn, 98092.

Sorry if I am crossing the line here, but this place really needs to go to a naturalist to preserve it, if at all possible. Where else can we find a group who probably feel the same way as we do?

Will & Willie Markey
East of Auburn on Soos Creek
Cell - 253-569-8455
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