[Tweeters] Sandpipers in Kent

Ken and Tina Grant kenandtina at comcast.net
Mon Jan 18 14:20:32 PST 2016

Hey all,

Spent the morning in Renton/Kent today and came across some sandpipers I
could not id. A scope would have helped greatly.

At the Boeing ponds there was a single small-medium sandpiper in the middle
of one of the islands. I thought it might be a Dunlin, but had yellow legs.
Also across the street from the ponds was a flock of Western Meadowlarks.

Off of 204 St(where Black Phoebe had been seen), in the middle of horse race
track, there in a big puddle.

I saw 2 small-medium sandpipers among the ducks there. Still at least 2
Eurasian Wigeons there.

Any help with ID would be great.


Ken Grant

North Bend

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