[Tweeters] My Photo Big Year in 2015

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Mon Jan 18 18:22:36 PST 2016

Although it did not start out that way, 2015 turned into a Big Photo Year for Washington Birds.  I started out to observe 300 species in state and get photos of at least 97%.  As more and more birds were seen, it morphed into a very fun but crazy year where I ended up with observations of 359 species and I got photos of all but 3.  The missed photos were of Boreal Owl, Flammulated Owl and Common Poorwill.  The latter was in my viewfinder but my settings were wrong in the dim light and no photo.
  I enjoyed the input, guidance and company of many great birders in the state.  Many thanks to all of them.
A photo of a Yellow Billed Loon on December 31 was photo 355 to end the year.  I have included 80 photos in a Picasa Album at the following link.  https://picasaweb.google.com/103072475474183849815/BestWashingtonPhotosFor2015?authkey=Gv1sRgCIfUzOv2_JTXtgE
They were selected as favorites or rarities or "stories".  Some are pretty poor and others not so bad.  I enjoyed taking them and recalling the experiences.  I hope they can give you some enjoyment as well.  I have to add that I hesitate posting any photos when so many great photographers include so many of their wonderful shots.  I enjoy them all and envy the skill and artistry of the photographers and their work (you know who I am talking about Doug and others...).  These are personal for me and not intended to compete ... just to share and maybe provide some value or pleasure.  Again...enjoy.
There are a lot of other things on my plate this year and I will not be reporting many observations...but just maybe a photo of one of those difficult owls...
Blair Bernson

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