[Tweeters] Hawk Owl Revisited

Roger Moyer rogermoyer1 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 19 07:08:12 PST 2016

I thought this issue had been put to rest or I would have responded late last week. I made at least one statement that I don't know to be fact. I talked about photographers staying for a long period of time trying to get photos of the bird. I live 2500 miles away so I can't say this in fact happened. Though that is what did happen a number of years ago when another Hawk Owl showed up on Waterville Plateau. Also I stated that the birders had some responsibility in the birds death. This again goes against something I believe to be true. That is that each one is responsible for their own actions. No one can make a person do something they refuse to do. So I will apologize for these statements and hope I will be stick to the facts as I know them in the future.

Roger Moyer

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