[Tweeters] Happy National squirrel appreciation day

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 18:30:30 PST 2016

A squirrel story with a crow

I was trying to take a mid-summer nap at Marymoor park one year but there
was a pesky fly that would not leave me alone so with a heavy sigh I gave up
and sat up. A gray squirrel hopped across the lawn to a nearby trash can and
jumped up and inside the can and began rummaging about. Two crows flew in
and landed on a maple branch overhead. They waited.

The squirrel emerged from the can carrying some tid bit or other and both
the crows dove on the animal, yelling up a storm. After trying to run the
squirrel gave up its prize and ducked back to the trashcan. This was
repeated a second time. Then a third. On the third try the crows gave up
immediately after the squirrel dropped its find, rejecting whatever it was
the squirrel had brought up. The fourth and fifth time was the same result.
Although I was close enough to see the action without binoculars I got out
my bins and looked at what the squirrel had dropped. It was a candy wrapper.
The squirrel was bringing up junk. By the seventh try the crows left. The
squirrel casually wandered about, checking the situation out, then dove back
in to the trash can and came up with what looked like a left over sandwhich.
SCORE! The squirrel ran to a covered spot and enjoyed its lunch.

Rob Sandelin

An appreciator of squirrels

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