[Tweeters] making friends with the locals

Neil and Carleen Zimmerman n3zims at comcast.net
Fri Jan 22 12:57:32 PST 2016

Hello Tweeters,
My wife, Carleen, and I along with Bruce and Melinda Jones just got back from four days of great birding around the Omak area. This is not a bird report but about an idea given to me by Shep Thorp a few years ago. For the last few years when we make our trip to the Highlands, I stop at Seattle Audubon and buy two bags of Black Oil Sunflower seed. I like to go there so the bags have the Seattle Audubon logo on them. Our first stop is usually "Highland Meadows" on Nealy Road. This is the house that usually has all the Rosy-Finches. The woman has been very appreciative of the gift. She has invited us up to the house where we can stand 8 feet away from the finches and this year, Common Redpolls. Nice lady and interesting place. Next bag goes to Gary who has the Knob Hill Forge on Hungry Hollow Road. Always a friendly guy who will take the time to stop and talk when he sees you. The next day as we were doing our part to help out the local economy by having a burger and beer at the Chesaw Tavern, we ran into Gary who again said how much he appreciated the seed.
I have found that in addition to my good looks and charm, a thoughtful gift goes a long way with people.

Neil Zimmerman
Brier, WA

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