[Tweeters] Barred owl on SPU campus.

Mullen, Susan s_mullen at spu.edu
Fri Jan 22 16:58:25 PST 2016

Hi, all.

There is a large owl in a tree on the SPU campus on north Queen Anne Hill. I believe it's a barred owl. I saw it about 10 minutes ago. It was sitting towards the top of the tree, maybe 20 feet off the ground. One of the students told me that when she had walked by earlier, the owl was fluttering its wings a little and was sitting on the same branch.

I am at work and am leaving in just a few minutes, and I won't see email until Monday.

Susan Mullen
Seattle, WA
s_mullen at spu.edu<mailto:s_mullen at spu.edu>

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