[Tweeters] Palm warbler Ridgefield NWR, Clark Co, WA

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Yes Randy said you had one earlier it is still around. :-)

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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YEA!!! ... Gene and I had him on Jan 8 between stops 12 and 13 ... Randy went out to see if he could relocate but he couldn't ... we also went out later to see if we could find him again but couldn't ... so it's nice to know he's still hanging out there !!! ...


Lyn Topinka
Vancouver, Wa,

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Yep a Month late! Anyhow the bird is still here now Randy Hill is on it. River S Unit, just past marker 11 look for a single tall tree to the right after crossing the slough. It is constantly flicking it's tail and flycatching. It will go to the group of trees to the right of the single tree and is harder to find there but always returned to the single tree.

Bob Flores
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