[Tweeters] Light Morph Harlan's Red-tail Kent

retief retief at deweydrive.com
Mon Jan 25 17:28:26 PST 2016

As identifying Hawks drive me nuts sometimes, I just Tweeters as a
resource often and now the Merlin Bird ID beta thanks to tweeters, I
wonder what the best way is to identify these different Morphs? What ID
factors do you look at first? I have a copy of the Petersons Filed
Guide on Hawks, but I still find myself sometimes going crazy. Just
wondering if there are any recommended "steps" to follow in general? I
love the patterns on the underside of the wings and body.


> Debra Lewis <mailto:goofyone at msn.com>

> Monday, January 25, 2016 3:55 PM

> Hi all


> After a little debating it's been verified that there is/was a light

> morph Harlan's red-tail yesterday in Kent. Just off Russell Rd and

> the Natural Resource area. Here are a couple of photo's


> http://s255.photobucket.com/user/DDLewis1/media/hawk_zps2pgggk4t.jpg.html


> http://s255.photobucket.com/user/DDLewis1/media/rt%20flight_zpsjdx2kcew.jpg.html


> We don't get too many of these in the area so I thought I would share

> these.


> Have a good evening.

> D. Lewis


> goofyoneatmsn.com

> North Bend, WA

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