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MT Tomboulian at comcast.net
Mon Jan 25 20:49:21 PST 2016

Thanks to Christopher Clark for suggesting the Weyerhaeuser Pond as a birding spot—hadn’t crossed my mind. Easy parking, easy walking, nice park atmosphere....if you’ve never seen the Species rhody garden and bonsai collection in May, it is spectacular.

My partner Jerry and I thought it would be a smaller body of water and easy for him to photograph redheads, which he had never seen, but the pond is definitely in scale with the 1000’ long main building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The ducks were skittish—as soon as you approached the water’s edge, they motored away. Be it a jogger, the postman, a surveyor—they motored in the opposite direction. So I ran around to the other side of the pond from Jerry and poked in here and there trying to push the ducks back to his side as he sat camouflaged in the shrubs—partially successful. Since there is no hunting here, I was wondering why the birds were so wary, (except of course the mallards). Then I saw a possible reason—a gorgeously colored coyote carefully probing the water’s edge grasses like a stalking cat with nose to ground and haunches high.

Great place for scoping on calm waters—20-30 each of redhead (most males in brilliant breeding plumage), ring-necks (also brilliant), ruddy ducks. Decent flock of 100 plus wigeons (no Eurasian today), plus smaller numbers of coot, pied-billed grebe, Canada and cackling geese, gadwall, mallard, and a lone female hooded merganser, plus a bufflehead and a dc cormorant. Eagle flyover and usual woodland cuties around the edges. Nice spot.

Mark Tomboulian
tomboulian AT Comcast Dot net

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