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Loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Please don't let the actions of some people (on both sides of the issue) dim your enjoyment of a great birding media.

To paint everyone on Tweeters with the same brush, is as bad as the people who say that people with big honking lenses are all culprits. I have seen people get too close to birds who didn't even have cameras to birds to get ta really close look.

It had nothing to do with honking lenses, and all to do with people learning to be aware of the distance required to prevent fight-or-flight reactions from crowding a bird's comfort/safety zone.

I still vividly remember being on an Audubon-lead walk, where the leader, to get a good picture, kept getting closer to two Long-eared Owls that were the first to be reported in Discovery Park (figure the decades ago on that one). He caused those owls to first come to alert, then get restless, and then fly away. The rest of the group were back at least 100 feet and could see the whole panorama unfold. Those owls did not return that year (but there have been Long-eared Owls in Discovery Park since then).

I vowed to never knowingly cause a resting bird to be flushed.

Recently I saw that happen with Snowy Owls. There were so many people so close to the owl(s) that people standing back where they should couldn't get good views, and the poor owls kept flushing, causing them to use valuable energy. I was so mad. I informed several people of the distance the owls needed, and most stayed back where I was standing.

After seeing this happen more than once, I am starting to believe that unusual birds should be located vaguely, and rare birds not have their locations identified at all.
Too many people crowding to see something rare seem to upset the bird, and the surrounding neighbors.

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> After reading some of the recent posts I was going to delete my membership in this board and move on. Instead I think I'll share some pictures I took last week and just selectively

> read the enjoyable posts.


> These pictures are from the Samish Flats late last week and Gasworks in yesterday's morning light. I shot them all with a "big honking lens". If you find that offensive, please

> don't click the links. For everyone else, please enjoy.


> https://www.flickr.com/photos/loren-mooney/albums/72157663251094249


> https://www.flickr.com/photos/loren-mooney/albums/72157663814829161



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