[Tweeters] Malheur vs Ranchers

marlin greene marlin at oneearthimages.com
Wed Jan 27 16:22:06 PST 2016

There is no reason to breath a sigh of relief abut the situation in Harney County.

The situation there with the ranchers will probably get worse after the paint-ball warriors are out of Malheur. There are a lot of loonies in this area who don’t like the refuge, the birders, and especially don’t like the spring birding festival.

What grassland there is in this part of the world is being overgrazed; there are too many cattle. Under the present arrangement with the BLM, they are competing with the wild horses and grazing native wildlife. The radical ranchers would like to have the public lands dedicated to "cows only" so that they can run cattle anywhere the like, just like their grandpas did.

I you want to really make a difference, there is a simple way to help keep public lands available for wildlife and birds — STOP BUYING BEEF.

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