[Tweeters] FINALLY! Malheur has been freed from terrorists

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There were no workers at Nisqually today.  The reserve was open to visitors but all employees and volunteers were given the day off out of concern that there might be trouble somewhere in the system resulting from the arrests. Our normal Wednesday birding walk continued as usual with about 30 participants taking in a warm and beautiful morning.  Ray Holden
Olympia, WA

Life is for the birds.  

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finally, the Bundy brothers and other so-called "militants" that were forcibly occupying and actively destroying Malheur national wildlife refuge have been arrested by law enforcement. this coverage is provided by a nearby news organisation in Burns Oregon, and has more detail, including a newscast:
those arrested face felony conspiracy charges for use of force, threats and intimidation. more charges will, hopefully, be forthcoming after additional investigations. 
happy birding!

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