[Tweeters] Re: Mason Co Big Year video

Cara Borre cmborre at comcast.net
Wed Jan 27 19:17:18 PST 2016

I just wanted to check my post.

Like my friend Mike Charest, I'm confused about how Tweeters is used these
days. Please don't "review" my video here, but thanks Blair :) I'm happy
to receive your comments, but please email me directly: cmborre at comcast.net.

I haven't subscribed to Tweeters before for any length of time just trying
a 12 step program to stop chasing :) but I think it's become more of a way
for those interested in birds to communicate with each other. In that
respect I will continue to use it and find it useful, though I don't get
time to read it much.

Happy birding,

Cara Borre
Gig Harbor
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