[Tweeters] OT: a Peaceful Encounter in the Snoqualmie Valley

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Fri Jan 29 17:54:25 PST 2016


> Karen and I were parked along a lightly travelled, dead end road in the Snoqualmie Valley. A pick-up truck pulled up facing in the opposite direction. The driver was smiling. We both rolled down our windows. He asked "What are you doing, looking at birds?" Then he wanted to know what birds. Karen has a secret weapon. She was the school nurse in the Carnation/Duvall area for 19 years and knows many of the families and knew many of the young adults when they were kids. She didn't really need her secret weapon this time, but used it anyway for the fun of it. She asked "Do you know (name withheld)?" The driver of the pick-up "Why that's my mother!" Karen: "Are you the one who fell into the silage pond?" Driver "That was my brother, not me." Before the conversation ended we were invited to look for meadowlarks in his yard.


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