[Tweeters] Dead Hawk Report

Jack Nolan jacknolan62 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 30 10:21:15 PST 2016


A young Cooper's Hawk flew into a window of our school (in Kirkland)
yesterday, it died immediately. Looks like a broken neck.

I believe it is part of Ed Deihl's study because it was banded.

There was a silver band on its right leg numbered 1084-1641 and a
purple band on it's left leg, Z over 1.

The silver band had an 800 number on it, that I called. She was able to
tell me the bird was banded last July in Seattle.

The teacher who found the bird emailed Ed.

Just thought I would let you know. Thanks.

Jack Nolan
Shoreline, WA

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