[Tweeters] If You Can Stand the Stench - Good Birds at the Norman Road Manure Pile/Sparrow Spot - SEOW at Eide Road

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 30 13:45:45 PST 2016

Some very nice birds at Norman Road Trough/Manure Pile.  White and Golden Crowned, Song, Fox, Lincoln, House and White Throated Sparrows, Dark Eyed Junco and Spotted Towhee.  Single Orange Crowned and Yellow Rumped Warblers.  Both Tundra and Trumpeter Swans nearby.  Bald Eagles.  Barn Owl.  (Hunters in distance - lots of shooting.)
At Eide Road - did not go into fields - lots of hunters.  Very cooperative Short Eared Owl - well as long as t was just me - I stayed in car and it stayed on snag - then three photographers came on foot and I could see it watch them and at some magic distance point it took off.  NOT a "dis" on photographers - just a recognition that birds do pay attention - car blinds work well.  There were also a good number of Western Meadowlarks and constant flyover of Snow Geese and some swans.

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