[Tweeters] Blog Post for Trips for Indigo Bunting, Klickitat Birds, Rainbow Falls and Yacolt Parakeets this week.

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Fri Jul 1 18:05:16 PDT 2016

The first half of 2016 ended on a high note with some good birds, ok photos and super scenery.  Here is a blog post covering the past week.
When I started 2016, my goal was to see 300 species in Washington, get some nice photos, have fun and most importantly to lose the weight I had put on during the past few years of lots of birding thinking I was getting a lot of exercise - but wasn't - and eating WAY too much bad food on the road.  I have managed the first three goals and have gotten half way to the fourth as well which is the most important. I will certainly chase some more birds the rest of the year (now if only a Rose Breasted Grosbeak would let me see it) but not as much as I have.  I will certainly have fun and get some more photos.  But after the 4th I plan a lot of time in the gym and continue with those vegetables.  Hope to see you in the field - and at the gym would be great as well.
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