[Tweeters] Capitol Forest Hermit Warblers, Kent BLACK PHOEBE

Joshua Glant josh.n.glant at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 14:26:11 PDT 2016

Hello Tweets,

Today has been a very good day! My father and I began this morning with a hermit warbler search at Capitol Forest. Upon entering via the Delphi Entrance, we soon reached a bend in the road where I had heard of hermit warbler success earlier this year. We, too, found success! We reveled in the chorus of nearly a dozen hermits all around us, before finally spotting a pure male singing high atop a fir. An exciting lifer!

On the way home, I decided upon the recommendation of my friend Adrian Lee to stop at 204th St. in Kent. Besides a couple fluffy young spotted sandpipers, I didn't see anything of special note. As I was leaving, I took one last scan and noticed a black phoebe on an exposed tree root!! The phoebe perched for distant photos, flew to a tiny willow, then fluttered out of sight. Lifer #2 for today!

Has the same individual continued in this area since January, or has a new phoebe taken up temporary residence at the spot? The fact that this is virtually the same location as in January makes the former scenario quite likely, but the latter cannot be ruled out. A fun sighting and bird either way!

To reach where I saw the black phoebe, park at the east end of 204th St. in the paved circular lot; walk north along the riverside gravel trail until you pass below the 200th St. bridge. The bird was in the riparian area below the overlook, but do be sure to check elsewhere along the river, as the phoebe is wont to wander.

Good birding, Joshua Glant
Mercer Island, WA

PS. One year ago today, I had another very special birding experience: exactly 365 days ago at this very moment, I was watching a certain crested caracara in Skykomish - time flies!

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