[Tweeters] Evans Creek Preserve

Izzy Wong gobirder at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 11:46:04 PDT 2016

Briefly checked out Evans Creek Preserve in Redmond yesterday morning. Birds were very active.

We were a bit surprised to find a nice male Western Tanager. This time of year, I expect them at higher elevation.

Quite the summer chorus out there, with Common Yellowthroat, Yellow Warblers, Warbling Vireo and a very actively vocal Townsend’s Warbler. The Swainson’s Thrushes were loud and clear, too.

Not to be outdone, three flycatcher species made their presence known vocally: Willow, Western Wood-pewee and Pacific-Slope.

Large flocks of Cedar Waxwings were busy clearing out the berries.

In a grassy area, I mentioned aloud that I would expect Savannah Sparrow, but hadn’t heard one yet. I guess just to accommodate me, one popped up and sang. Thank you.

Nice varied habitat here, with pine forest, open fields and meadows, and riparian.

Good birding to all,
izzy wong
seattle, wa
gobirder at gmail.com

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