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Over the holiday weekend I worked on the landscape of the ol' homestead in Everett. Although we are now divorced, my friend Holly wanted me to come over and do some gardening at the place. Always an interesting switch from Port Townsend, where I've been living for two and a half years now.
So there I was, hosing down the side yard in preparation for planting some more native plants. As a landscape gardener for decades, I've long preached about appropriate watering to clients, and friends. One situation is when the soil has gone bone dry- which the narrow strip I was watering had ( it's around the greedy roots of tall Pacific Dogwood trees). When soil gets really dry (as it will do in our summer-drought climate) it's like moisturizing a dry kitchen sponge - the water just repels off the thing until a certain point of hydrology is reached and the sponge (or soil ) can start soaking up the water.
Soak, soak, and soak some more . I planted the plants and watered them in even more, and as I stood there, hose in hand, a female Anna's Hummingbird flew up and stuck it's tongue in the sprinkle emanating from the hose, only thee feet away. At this point, I went stock still ,in an attempt not to appear to be an animal (just a watering appliance), and it worked - although I did note a suspicious look in the hummer's eye. The hummer edged closer to the hose nozzle, until it was only 6 inches from my hand. Then it zoomed off.
Later I was alerted by some loud twerping overhead, and walked out to the alley to see what was up; five Osprey's circling over- head, along with a single noisy Purple Martin. Every place on our world has something going on, and Everett has it's big Osprey colony. I've only seen a few Osprey's in Port Townsend but Everett, in summer, is swarming with seahawks.
Recently, watching one of those wonderful BBC nature shows hosted by David Attenborough, the great interpreter, he noted that Ospreys can't dive very deep- only about three feet or so. That makes the mouth of the mighty Snohomish River here in Everett, the just so spot for Ospreys. A common catch here for them is the Starry Flounder- a bottom fish.When the low tides here thin out the overhead waters, look out flounders!
Jeff Gibsonhosing and planting inEverett WA

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